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NoseWork: Observations from Behind the Lens offers essential information every nose work handler should know.

It surprised our live audience with the helpful insights our two guests offered.

It features CNWI Lauralea Oliver, a professional scent-detection dog handler and trainer. She chats with nosework trial photographer Marcella Winslow and videographer Annick Loomis. They’ve worked hundreds of nose work trials and witnessed the common errors handlers at all levels can make with their dogs.

This engaging one-hour and 21-minute session is suitable for handlers in trials or just those who love the game with their dogs. To purchase this “canon of scentwork tips” webinar, create a free log-in for our ScentWork.org community (unless you're already a member).

If you need any help, feel free to email us at Feedback@scentwork.org. We're here to help you have more fun with your dog!

By joining our ScentWork.org community, you'll gain access to a particular group where you can interact with Lauralea, Annick, and Marcella. This is a unique opportunity to chat with them, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of nose work.


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