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Lauralea Oliver

K9 experience unlike any other...

Lauralea is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Ecological Detection Dog Trainer and Handler and an International Speaker on canine scentwork and scent detection dogs. Through the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW), she is a Certified Nose Work Instructor®, Trial Judge and Certifying Official.

Since 2000, Lauralea has made a career working with dogs. Her experience includes working with them in many environments and disciplines, including shelter and rescue dogs, working dogs, sporting dogs and companion dogs.

As a professional handler and owner of k9inSCENTive, LLC, Lauralea works her personally owned Ecological Scent Detection Dogs, or SCENTdogs, on multiple species, including  avian and bat fatality detection dogs George and Circe and botanical detection dogs Bolt, Banshee and Muon.

Lauralea competes in scentwork with Mayhem and Dash. 

A Couple Standing With Two Dogs on Leashes

John Zupancic
Director of Learning

Passionate about learning and scentwork...

John Zupancic has been an instructional designer and writer for over 25 years. He has designed strategic learning solutions for well-known luxury companies such as Mercedes-Benz USA, Lexus, and New York Life.

In 2017, he completed two bucket-list goals:

1) Adopt a golden retriever (Griff)

2) Compete in a dog sport (scentwork)

Practicing scentwork and being a member of the scentwork community changed his life for the better and his relationship with Griff.

John partnered with Lauralea on ScentWork.org because, “Lauralea offers real-life scent-detection skills, scentwork trial expertise, and exceptional coaching skills to members. Not many people have her rare mix of working in scent detection combined with a deep knowledge of scentwork.”

John competes in scentwork/nosework with Griff and Griff’s daughter, Hana. 

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